2015 – What a Year!

2015 can only be described as one hell of a year at Bike Trac. Not only has it been our busiest ever in terms of new customers, but it’s also been our busiest for bike recoveries too. In 2015 alone, we happily reunited over 150 stolen bikes with their owners, and in the process, played a part in several convictions with exposure on BBC1 too.

Away from the dark and gritty side of things, we’ve been proud to support a number of great rides and causes too.

Top Gun & Charity

Jay McGreneghan raised awareness and funds for the Stroke Association with his ‘Top Gun’ GPZ900R raffle, while we tracked a host of charity rides for others who raised funds for the British Royal Legion, the William Winder Rainbow Foundation, Young Minds and Age Concern, to name a few.

And while we provided tracking support for some UK-based charity runs, we continued to support some very courageous adventurers too.

China & Back

Brigid and John Rynne from Ireland, did what any retired couple would do, and….rode to China and back!

Both breaking bones in the process, the couple proved that retirement doesn’t mean a slower pace of life, concluding the 15,000 mile + adventure earlier this year and tracked every mile of the way with Bike Trac.


40,000 + Miles & Counting

Lone female adventurer, Steph Jeavons, decided that coming home wasn’t really for her and to this day continues on her truly epic motorcycle ride.

Despite setting an end date of June this year, she just kept riding and was last seen on our live tracker in South America, having clocked-up over 40,000 miles on her 250cc Honda, having visited more countries now, than…she hasn't!


Bike Magazine to Africa

Bike Magazine’s Jamie Duncan set-off on another adventure following his epic ride to Japan from Peterborough in 2014. This time attempting to reach South Africa with little more than a pocket full of change and a very secondhand 1980s trail bike. He was last seen on the Bike Trac stand at the NEC in Birmingham in November, having returned home to raise more funds for the trip.

Amusingly, his bike can still be seen live on our tracking system being ridden around in Cameroon! He left it with a friendly local bike mechanic to fix – seems it's fixed now.

Jamie will be catching up with his friendly mechanic (thanks to Bike Trac) to claim his bike back and continue on his journey in 2016.


Lands End to Lagos

Flying the Bike Trac flag right into 2016 is our most recently backed adventurer, Omo Alokwe.

Omo aims to not only be the first unsupported motorcyclist to reach Nigeria from the UK, but also aims to beat the world record for the longest motorcycle journey in a single country.

Already making brisk progress, getting the small matter of Europe dealt with in just five days, Omo is currently in Morocco, but travelling fast!


We look forward to protecting and supporting our customers in 2016 and wish everyone happy holidays and a Happy New Year.

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