How can I keep delivery staff safe and improve productivity?

As a responsible employer, staff welfare should always be at the front of your mind. It’s a relatively manageable task when you can directly control the environment they work in, but less so when that environment is outside of your business. 


When it comes to delivery riders, welfare is perhaps the most difficult to manage, and by its very nature can impact significantly on productivity and business when things go wrong. Until very recently, delivery rider welfare in general was no more than a roll of a dice, with so many outside factors involved making it difficult to put in place anything with any real meaning.


But as technology improves our day-to-day lives, so has it started to impact on the welfare of riders and productivity too. Tracking technology has now been adopted by many of the professional delivery bike fleet managers, allowing them to not only keep a birds eye view of every bike and rider on shift 24/7, but in the case of BikeTrac’s system, be alerted when a rider takes a tumble.


Established over a decade ago, BikeTrac is the longest established motorcycle-specific tracking device on the market, and as such, is one of the most feature-rich systems available, enabling fleet operators to see in real-time where every bike and rider is, with live notifications of any accidents or spills in the process.


On top of this, it’s technology which incorporates GPS, GSM and RF also offers a proven track record in combatting theft, enabling fast location should a bike or scooter be unlawfully moved. The system’s unique Radio Frequency (RF) function is crucial in obtaining search warrants also – a big factor in the system’s success in recovering over £9 million worth of stolen machines since inception.


And while getting a bike back quickly and back into service helps with productivity, the welfare of staff remains the most important element of any responsible employer. Add in the ‘Bike Down’ function that alerts when a bike is crashed, the ability to monitor a bike’s location 24/7 should an employee be out of reach, as well as the real-time ignition status information, and its fair to suggest that BikeTrac offers a very credible solution for both productivity and welfare.


BikeTrac’s system is as flexible as required, with the ability to track just one machine or a whole fleet, all trackable or viewable on a desktop computer or app, with alerts delivered by text, email and telephone call.

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