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Theft - Police & Public Reaction

A look at the reaction to theft from police response to public perception.

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Motorcycle Theft – Threats, Trends & Counter Measures

Motorcycle theft is at an all-time high. We look at the threats of bike theft, trends and bike security available to help combat bike theft.

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Still Smashing Records

Fresh off the back of Bike Trac’s biggest year ever in 2015, where the team recovered over 160 stolen machines with a value of more than £1.2 million, the team report an unprecedented start to 2016 too, with 40 stolen...

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2015 – What a Year!

2015 can only be described as one hell of a year at Bike Trac. Not only has it been our busiest ever in terms of new customers, but it’s also been our busiest for bike recoveries too. In 2015 alone,...

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BikeTrac now protecting Polaris

The UK subsidiary of U.S powersports giant, Polaris, has joined forces with us, endorsing Bike Trac in the fight against ATV and side-by-side vehicle theft.

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BikeTrac on BBC1

Our Bike Trac team had a rare moment in the spotlight earlier this month, as new BBC1 series, Thief Trackers, featured not one but two high profile recoveries that utilised our motorcycle tracker.

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Steph Jeavons on using BikeTrac on her round the world trip

The Bike Trac page for Steph Jeavons has to be one of the most interesting tracking pages you’ll ever see. It shows a single orange track line squiggling its way around most of the world.

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Inagh to China Motorcycle Ride - Update – July 2015

The last time we caught up with Brigid and John Rynne, the unfortunate news had reached us that Brigid had taken a tumble and broken her leg on their mission to reach China from Southern Ireland.

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BikeTrac - follow the adventures

While we could be accused of shouting about the many recoveries we make each month we’re not so vocal about the many adventure trips and charity rides we sponsor, utilising Bike Trac for live tracking.

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